Much of my time is spent traveling and working remotely while on the road, so it’s great when I get to have a “work-from-home” day all to myself! My days at home typically include working behind my computer and phone, organizing emails and photos, editing, and planning the next shoot or trip. When I need a break from working on my phone or computer, I will pick up a book and read, or get inspired through a magazine. It helps to give my eyes a break from always using a screen.

Working from home can have it’s rewards, like getting to hang with my cat Paris all day long while she monitors my work, but it gets hard to focus at times when your whole life is surrounding you. Thats where my one true love comes in that always keeps me on track- no, not Eva (haha!)... chocolate. It’s so great to have a sweet snack right by my computer while I work. When it gets to be 2 hours or more and I feel like I can’t look at my work any longer, I just give myself a reward- a chocolate- and I can get right back to work.

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into my home, where I work, and also how I work using chocolate to keep my energy flowing. My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate. The brand Godiva makes some of my favorite sweets, and their new Gold Discovery Collection has the best mix of chocolates. It has literally everything you could want- both new flavors and classics, with a fresh take on their iconic gold box of chocolates. My favorites are the almond marquise and the double dark chocolate swirl! They’re perfect to gift to a friend or family member, or hey, even a future valentine! Or you could just be like me and eat them all by yourself during a power work sesh. Either way, they taste awesome, and you should definitely try to include them in your life- work or play- soon. Thanks to my friends at Godiva for making this post possible!