I have always been intrigued by fashion and style. I think it comes hand-in-hand with being a creative. Strong attention to detail, composition, and balance are all qualities I have possessed my whole life. I believe this translates directly into how I dress and how I want to be perceived by others- even the slightest change in an outfit detail can greatly affect how it all flows together. I beleive how you dress is a direct extension of you and your personality- I enjoy finding cool, new items that I can switch the wardrobe up with. Too bad my wallet does not- hopefully I can get better at this whole thrifting thing sometime soon. Luckily, this whole vintage trend is on my side.

I look forward to sharing my adventures, as well as my personal style, insights, and opinions with all of you through this blog. It would be rad to hear what you have to say about everything as well- leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. 

Welcome to the party ~ we're just getting started.



// THINGS //

Fellow creative and good homie Alex McDonell has been slowly growing his underground cult clothing company dubbed Feelings and it seems like people are starting to catch on. I have been a huge fan since day one- it's amazing how something as simple as stitching one word on a piece of clothing can be so rad. His awesome creative direction for the marketing campaigns surrounding the brand don't hurt either. Word on the street is that there is a re-stock coming soon on some long missed color-ways... as well as some new product releases in the form of vintage denim.

Imperial Motion has been dropping banger after banger with their recent clothing collections. Their content is always on point too. There seriously may not be another company that has as many items in a line that I like as much as theirs. My favorite pieces from them are their pants and their sweaters. Both items fit me better than almost anything else on the market that I have found. I am a tall, lean guy (6'3" ~190lbs.), and their chino's are the favorite pants I own. I have had the black ones for a while now, and recently got another pair in the khaki color way. The 4% stretch added in there is key. I feel like it sounds lame saying I love their sweaters, but they are honestly some of my favorite clothing items that I own- they fit amazing, and are super well-made and comfortable. Can't go wrong with that combo.

I am also a huge fan of recent start-up Hoffman Supply Co. I never in a million years thought I would be a jewelry person. Until this year, I did not buy or own one piece of jewelry. Then I decided to try out a ring one day and never looked back. Maybe it's just me, but I love the feeling of it- silver is my thing. The dude behind it - Alec Hoffman also happens to be a G. It always feels good repping things that were made my rad people. I am stoked to say that most, if not all of the items and brands that I support are created by awesome humans.

Hat by Feelings by Alex.

Shirt by Imperial Motion.

Pants by Imperial Motion.

Shoes by Aldo.

Bling by Hoffman Supply Co.

Shot by Rocky Barnes in Los Angeles, CA.

I do cool things, in cool clothes- to promote companies that I beleive in. So, what do you say? Lets create beautiful things for the world to see.