Back in July, Eva and I traveled throughout several European countries on the Mediterranean Sea. We hit Spain, France, and Italy by the way of a cruise ship. Normally I am against taking cruises due to many reasons, but mainly because I prefer to travel on my own schedule and itinerary (and on cruises your schedule is set). However choosing a cruise throughout the Mediterranean ended up being an awesome call. We woke up each morning in a new city, spent all day adventuring around, and then returned to the ship pretty much only to eat dinner and sleep, and repeated that for 8 days. We saw 7 cities in 8 days and experienced more in those days then I ever thought was possible.

This photo set is from Cannes, France. This was towards the end of the trip and I didn't shoot as much as I would like, but this city was amazing and I would love to return one day and spend more time there. Here are some cliff notes I wrote down in my journal while on the trip, or you can also read below for the long version:

  • lovely seaside town
  • luxury brands - literally everyone in a row
  • harbour walk
  • full marina
  • if you got the coin, The Carlton Hotel has the best breakfast buffet I have ever been to
  • Hotel Du Cap - beautiful, secluded, on the water, natural with trees, luxury cabanas, pool
  • life seems slower here
  • public beaches and swimming holes were dope
  • tons of cool beaches with jettys and walkways to lay out



Cannes is a lovely seaside city. Upon docking, we had a short and beautiful walk along the harbor until reaching our designated breakfast spot - The Carlton Hotel. Eva and I are huge fans of 50's and 60's culture, and the photography of Slim Aarons. We had seen The Carlton Hotel in many of Slim Aarons' photos and knew that we had to stop there during our stay. The strip where The Carlton Hotel is reminds me a lot of Beverly Hills, except its right on the water. Bordering the hotel is every luxury store from Chanel to Gucci. It's a little ritzier than I prefer, but it made a great setting for an indulgent breakfast and some photo ops.



And indulge we did! We sat down to possibly the best breakfast I have ever had... and it was buffet style so you could pick whatever and however much you wanted! They had it all- pancakes, eggs, hash browns, gourmet breads and pastries, the most extravagant cheese selection I have ever seen, and crazy spread of jams and jellies which included rose petal jelly (so good), among other things. It definitely came with a price to match though - I believe it was $55 for the all-you-can eat breakfast. For me it was worth it to experience for that one time (and did I mention the bottomless mimosas) :).


After finishing breakfast, our goal was to make it to another one of the epic locations we had seen photos of from in Slim Aarons' books. Our second stop was the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. Another establishment that came with some hefty price tags, but it had views for days. It had an extravagant walkway which lead straight to the sea. Right on the sea is a boujee restaurant and one of the coolest pool set ups I had ever seen. There are even diving boards and swings where you can dive into the sea by the pool. In order to swim, you must be a hotel guest so unfortunately we could only enjoy the view and take a few pictures for a few moments before leaving. Upon a quick price check, using a date in May, the cheapest room runs about $800 a night!


After leaving the Hotel Du Cap we had no plans and just started walking down the street. We came across an awesome beach with rock walls and tide pools. I am not even sure what it is called, but the geotag on my iPhone say 1-281 Chemin de l'olivetti in Antibes, France. Everyone seemed so happy here. We enjoyed this awesome location until it was time to return to the ship for departure. During our uber ride back to the ship we passed tons of other great beaches with awesome jetty's and walkways over the sea- where people were hanging out, sunbathing, and jumping into the sea. From what I experienced, Cannes, France is a pretty good example of "the good life".



Those are just a few quick tips if you find yourself in Cannes, France. I plan on doing posts like this for many of the cities I have visited, and plan on taking way more notes on future trips so I can do even better travel guides for you. Comment below if you have any other questions. Thank you for stopping by :).





Pants by Topman

The Carlton Hotel

Hotel du Cap Eden Roc



Photos without me shot by me on a Canon 5D Mark 3 and Canon 50mm 1.2 lens, and an Olympus Stylus Epic DLX 35mm film camera

Photos of me shot by Riley Taylor 

Shot in Cannes, France and near 1-281 Chemin de l'olivetti in Antibes, France.




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