I have been adventuring around the Bahamas for the last week and getting myself into all sorts of rad, new things. My friends France and Jesse invited us down to their amazing vacation and rental home Staniel Rents on Staniel Cay. I figured I was going to have a great time- filled with crystal blue waters, white sands, and good company, but this trip has surpassed all expectations. I have formed friendships with the most amazing group of people, and experienced the coolest array of activities I think any island could possibly have. I will be doing a full post or two on my experience later on. For now I wanted to share a little style feature with you and give you a little teaser of what will be coming.

I have had this blue striped shirt for over two years, yet I have only worn it a handful of times. It is one of those pieces that you buy and you know you like it and it will be great for certain occasions, it just took me much longer than expected to find that occasion. I think I just needed the right color palette of blue seas and skies, and white sands. I am always a fan of wearing items that can be worn in many different ways. Untucked, this shirt is ready for any beach or coastal day. With a simple tuck in you could style it for a more formal occasion, or night out in the city for a little color pop. I have been consistently rolling up my pant legs for the past year or two. If you are in a casual environment like the beach with no shoes, it just makes sense, and then if you are in a more formal setting it allows you to show off some cool socks.

The title of this post: Serrado- translates from Spanish to English as Serrated. I usually have some meaning behind my titles, and I have a knack for titling them in different languages to give them a little extra flavor. It is title Serrated because that rocky headland I was running on was sharp as sh*t!




Shirt by Billabong

Pants by Hurley

Belt by Cuater by Travis Matthews

Necklace by The Great Frog

Rings by Hoffman Supply Co.



Shot by Eva Gutowski in Staniel Cay, Bahamas.




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