cre·do / ˈkrēdō,ˈkrādō / noun

1. a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions.

After all these years I have finally realized the importance of a deadline, of making a tangible list that you stick to. They say that talk is cheap... to put your money where your mouth is, that it doesn't mean anything unless you do it. I am tired of continuously making lists- writing down goals and dreams, only to have them fade away and then resurface once again on another list. I created this page so aptly title "Captain's Credo" as my declaration to the world of those things that I wish to attempt, learn, possibly fail, possibly master, and check off of my version of a bucket list. They call me Captain Barto, and here is my Credo.

learn an instrument

learn a dance

learn a third language

write a song

perform a song in front of 1,000+ people

crowd surf

write a poem

attain a motorcycle license

attain a captain's license (sailing)

attain a pilot's license

attain a skydiving license

attain a scuba diving license

produce a professional video

own a classic truck (1970's chevy pickup)

own a classic sports car

be on a magazine cover

be on a billboard

photograph a magazine cover

photograph a billboard

take my parents on a vacation

run a marathon

compete in a triathlon

shape a surfboard

take a film photography class

have my own darkroom for processing film

photograph a campaign for a major fashion brand

model a campaign for a major fashion brand

have merchandise for my blog

create a photography book

create a photography tips book

write a novel

own a creative production company

own a clothing label

own an accessories label

host an art show of my own work

act in a scripted tv show or movie

be in a reality video series or show

create a longstanding photography series (nostalgia)

create a self-portaits photography series

bungee jump

go on an African safari

top places I need to travel (Japan, Morocco, Tahiti, South of France, Northern Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Mozambique, Kauai, Alaska, Canada, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Western Australia, Egypt, Brazil, Machu Picchu, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Cuba, Seychelles,